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How to Do Skills in eFootball 2024 Mobile: Become a Pro!

Learn how to do skills in eFootball 2024 Mobile with our comprehensive guide. Master these game-changing moves for a thrilling, competitive edge on

Welcome to the dynamic world of eFootball 2024, the mobile gaming sensation that’s taking the soccer universe by storm, now playable on

This immersive game, known for its realistic gameplay and engaging multiplayer mode, allows you to showcase your football prowess right from your browser without the hassle of downloads. In eFootball 2024, mastering skill moves is crucial, not just for flaunting your style but for gaining a strategic edge over your opponents.

Whether you’re playing for free on your PC or mobile, with friends or solo, understanding how to do skills in eFootball 2024, Mobile is essential for every gamer looking to score big in this electrifying virtual soccer field.

eFootball 2024 Online

Understanding the Basics of Skill Moves in eFootball 2024 Mobile

Skill moves in eFootball 2024 Mobile are special techniques that players use to outmaneuver opponents on the field. These moves are not just about flashy footwork. They’re strategic tools that can profoundly impact the game’s outcome.

When you play online, each skill move, from a simple feint to a complicated flip-flap, can create opportunities, open up spaces, and outwit defenders in critical moments. Mastering these moves can turn an average player into a formidable opponent, making matches more exciting and unpredictable.

In eFootball 2024, skill moves add a layer of depth to the gameplay, allowing players to express their creativity and tactical understanding of the game. Whether you’re dodging a defender or setting up a perfect shot on goal, each skill move can be the difference between winning and losing.

As you play eFootball 2024 Mobile on, you’ll find that these skills enhance not just your control over the game but also your enjoyment of it.

Tip: Start with mastering basic skill moves before attempting more complex techniques.

Double Touch: Your First Skill Move

Double Touch in eFootball 2024

The Double Touch is a foundational skill move in eFootball 2024 Mobile. It is essential for players keen on outsmarting their opponents. This move involves a quick, deft touch of the ball, allowing the player to change direction swiftly and unpredictably.

It’s particularly effective when you’re in a tight spot or facing an aggressive defender. To execute, tap the dash button, then swiftly swipe in the direction you want to go.

The Double Touch is best used on the flanks or when you see an opening in the opponent’s defense, making it a versatile tool for creating space and opportunities.

Tip: Practice the Double Touch in less crowded areas of the field to build confidence.

Mastering the Marseille Turn

The Marseille Turn, also known as the Roulette, is a classic skill move in eFootball 2024 Mobile that can be pivotal in dodging defenders. To perform this elegant maneuver, make sure that your player is in motion.

As you approach an opponent, tap the dash button and then swiftly flick the joystick in a semi-circular motion, mirroring the direction your player faces. This fluid move spins the player around the defender, creating an opportunity to break away or find a better passing angle. 

It’s most effective in one-on-one situations or when navigating through tight spaces near the box.

Tip: Use the Marseille Turn when close to an opponent for maximum effect.

Fancy Shots and Their Impact

Fancy Shots in eFootball 2024

Fancy Shots in eFootball 2024 Mobile add flair and unpredictability to your gameplay, making them a crowd-pleaser and often a game-changer. 

To execute a Fancy Shot, first position your player for a shot at the goal. Then, tap the shoot button and simultaneously swipe in your desired direction to add a unique spin or curl to the ball.

These shots are especially effective in one-on-one scenarios with the goalkeeper or when aiming for corners of the goal, where a standard shot might be easily saved. When playing eFootball on, mastering skills such as fancy shots can significantly enhance your scoring potential.

Tip: Learning how to do skills in eFootball 2024 Mobile isn’t easy. Make sure to use Fancy Shots when the goalkeeper is off-balance for a higher success rate.

Using the Sharp Touch for Tactical Advantage

Sharp Touch for Tactical Advantage

The Sharp Touch in eFootball 2024 is a deft skill move that lets players quickly change direction, creating space and evading defenders. To perform it, simply tap and hold the dash button and then swipe in the desired direction.

This move is particularly useful in tight spaces or when surrounded by opponents, allowing for a swift and unexpected change in the flow of play. It’s an excellent tactic for maintaining possession and creating opportunities for passes or shots on goal.

Integrating the Sharp Touch into your winning strategy can give you a significant tactical edge on the virtual pitch when you play online.

Tip: Use Sharp Touch in congested areas to swiftly navigate through tight defenses.

Chop Dribble and Heel Chop: Advanced Moves

Chop Dribble and Heel Chop are advanced moves in eFootball 2024 that add a strategic layer to your gameplay. To execute a Chop Dribble, perform a diagonal swipe on the screen while dribbling, allowing for a quick change in direction and pace.

The Heel Chop is similar but involves tapping the dash button and swiping backward, enabling a swift and stylish turn to throw off defenders. These moves are highly effective in creating space and outmaneuvering opponents, particularly in one-on-one situations or when approaching the goal.

Mastering these can give you a significant advantage in high-level play.

Tip: Use Heel Chop near the box to create sudden shooting opportunities.

Making Complex Moves: Sombrero and Drag Back

Sombrero and Drag Back

In eFootball 2024, mastering complex moves such as the Sombrero and Drag Back can greatly improve your gameplay. The Sombrero is executed by giving a lofted pass, then moving the analog stick in the opposite direction as the player chests the ball, creating an elegant flick over the opponent.

On the other hand, the Drag Back involves moving the player straight, then flicking to the left or right, allowing for a quick retreat or change in direction. These skillful maneuvers are perfect for evading tight defenses and creating space in crowded areas.

Tip: Practice these moves in training mode to perfect their timing and execution.


Learning how to do skills in eFootball 2024 Mobile can greatly enhance your gaming experience. These skill moves not only add excitement and depth to your gameplay but also provide a competitive edge in matches. As you master these techniques, you’ll find the game more engaging and fun. offers the freedom to play online for free, enjoy multiplayer games with friends, and access the game on any device, PC or mobile, without any downloads, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

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