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How to Get Black Awards in Akinator

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Akinator is one of the fan-favorite games when it comes to playing a guessing game in your pass time. It’s easy to boot up and start asking the magical virtual genie some questions regarding your favorite characters. Players can play Akinator alone or with their friends, adding to the social element revolving around the game. One of the best parts about Akinator is that it is progressively evolving with the help of Artificial Intelligence, adding more & more characters to guess. 

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What are Black Awards in Akinator?

Akinator has released a lot of amazing content over the years for the players, including being able to guess multiple characters from memes, events, and current social media trends. The game has titularly been called the go-to game for someone looking to have a 1-on-1 guessing simulator experience. Regarded highly among the community, Akinator has also evolved over the past years, adding several features to reward loyal players. One such feature that was added was the “Awards” or “Aki Awards” in the official in-game terminology.

These Awards are awarded to players who have successfully made attempts at guessing some of the more popular characters in the game. These characters are chosen at random and nobody outside of the developers really knows about them. Hence, this is the reason these Awards are quite rare to obtain. Each of these awards are assigned a rarity based on different algorithms. The rarest of the Aki awards in Akinator are called “Black Awards”. These are quite hard to obtain and work differently for every player.

How to Earn Black Awards in Akinator?

One of the hardest parts about Black Awards seems to be the randomness at the rates they are given. Black Awards are generally given based on guessing certain characters with the help of multiple questions. There are several factors that dictate guessing a character that will fetch you a Black Award. Let’s take a look at some of the factors:

  • Uniqueness – The character needs to be unique, period. Guessing the same famous characters can fetch you a Gold or Silver Award but definitely not a Black Award. The character needs to be someone from an indie magazine, a video game series, or a low-profile movie. In real-life characters, they can be from a lesser-known profession or somebody who has achieved mediocre success in life but fallen out of grace as they aged.
  • Side Characters – Oftentimes, when players are guessing the characters, they only focus on guessing the main characters from the particular show, movie, or book. There are multiple side characters that could be equally important yet niche in the eyes of the virtual genie. Trying to guess those characters in Akinator can be really helpful for you in your quest to earn a Black Award.
  • Guessing Rate – This is also one of the most important factors that is equally supported by hardcore players of Akinator. The amount of times the character is guessed, the less important it becomes. Their ranking jumps down in the list of characters that can fetch you a Black Award. This is the reason many veterans would advise players to simply focus on guessing niche characters that are not yet well-known around the world. Those characters can be fictional or real, as the algorithm counts both while giving Black Awards.

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