Fantasy War Tactics R

  • Role Playing

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Play Fantasy War Tactics R online for free with mobile cloud. Gather hundreds of the world’s greatest warriors and mages in Fantasy War Tactics R by VALOFE, the epic squad-based tactical RPG that will test the limits of your strategy skills.


Explore a variety of fun game modes for endless variation and fun! Become a Lord on their way to world domination in Scenario Mode. Delve into the depths of the deepest dungeon where uncountable treasures and untold dangers lie. Climb to the peak of the Tower of Dawn in search of a challenge worthy of your skills. Go toe-to-toe against other incredible Commanders in the PVP VS Mode. Battle other Lords and prove you’ve got what it takes to stand among the best. streams Android games directly to your browser, so you can play Android games online for free — no downloads, no long waits. Got an old device with a browser and an internet connection? Then you’re all set to enjoy the gaming power of Your favorite Android titles are playable anytime and anywhere — on PC, your phone, tablet, home console. You can even rock the latest Android games on your Apple device! is the ultimate platform for playing games online for free without downloading. Just click the ‘Play in Browser’ button and play Fantasy War Tactics R instantly in browser!