Dynasty Legends:Warriors Unite


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Play Dynasty Legends online for free with now.gg mobile cloud. Grab your gauntlet and step into the arena in Dynasty Legends, the new Battle Royale Action game for Android. Get ready to take on the other guilds in the battle for guild power! Fight your way to the top.


It’s You vs. Them All! Decimate your foes with your skills and reflexes. Fight at breakneck speed while maintaining command of your characters’ special abilities. Kill tens of thousands of foes with a single strike!


A legion of more than 50 ancient warriors awaits your order. Every hero has a unique style of combat, so pick wisely! Awakening mode, a new level of heroism for the character! There is now 3v3 cross-server team combat! Join the Contest of Champions and compete against other teams with the best players in the world. We’ll have a new leader in the fight against Chiyou in the winner!


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