Sword Master

Beijing Xinyi

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Play Sword Master online for free with now.gg mobile cloud. Enjoy a flexible and unconstrained fighting experience in Sword Master, the high-flying, hard-hitting Action game from the hitmakers at Beijing Xinyi. Put your blade to the test against the best warriors in the world and prove your mettle. Dodge and weave, then slice back in a frenzy.


Embark on an action-packed journey and face off against a variety of enemies, each determined to put you underground. Break their spirit then crush their bones as you blaze a trail of wanton destruction across the land.


Deliver unimaginable destruction with your weapon of choice, from swords to axes, lightsabers to double knives. Each weapon has its own play style and Anger skills that you’ll have to master for ultimate combat efficiency. Surrounded by enemies; let your blade do the talking.


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